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Alf - Christmas Special
ALF and the Tanners prepare to spend Christmas in a cabin. When the owner comes to visit them, ALF accidentally jumps into his trunk and is taken to a hospital and given away as a Christmas gift.
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TV Show Christmas Episodes
Alf - Oh, Tanerbaum
Season 1 Episode 12
ALF convinces Willie to travel to the mountains to cut down a real Christmas tree.
Donna Reed Show - A Very Merry Christmas
Season 1 Episode 14
Donna is fed up with how no one has true Christmas spirit.
Doogie Howser, M.D. - Doogie The Red Nosed Reindeer
Season 1 Episode 13
Doogie feigns an illness on Christmas Eve to attend a party, but he returns to the hospital to assist his overworked colleagues.
Father Knows Best - The Christmas Story
Season 1 Episode 12
In an attempt to remind his family of the real meaning of Christmas, Jim decides the Andersons will cut down their own Christmas tree this year.
Green Acres - An Old Fasioned Christmas
Season 2 Episode 13
Oliver is determined to have an old-fashioned Christmas, which includes decorating his own tree.
Gumby Adventures - Scrooge Loose
Episode 22
Scrooge is ruining Gumby's trip!
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater: How Scrinchio Stole Xmas
Season 1 Episode 13
Mean, nasty Catnip hijacks Christmas by stealing decorations and presents, but is foiled by the Holiday Sprite; weird happenings at a theater are finally found to be caused by Mowser the Mouse.
Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas
Christmas Special
There's trouble at the North Pole, and Dr. Claw is behind it. Penny and Brain are along for the ride, as Gadget takes a tour hosted by Santa Claw.
Jackie Chan Adventures - A Jolly J-Team Xmas
Season 3 Episode 10
Daolon Wong captures Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and an Elf comes to ask for help. Tohru, Jade and Paco make Santa's deliveries for him, while Jackie battles Daolon and his evil snowmen.
Lassie - The Christmas Story
Christmas Special
Lassie is seriously injured by a truck while saving a three-year-old girl from danger.
Mr. Bean - Merry Christmas
Christmas Special
Silver Spoons - The Best Christmas Ever
Season 1 Episode 13
Edward and Ricky share their first Christmas together with a family in need.
Square Pegs: Child's Christmas In Weemawee
Season 1 Episode 11
During the holidays, Patty's estranged father decides they need to spend more time together. This may ruin the girls' holiday party plans.
The Adams Family Christmas
Season 2 Episode 15
Fester, as Santa, gets stuck in the chimney.
The Bob Newhart Show - I'm Dreaming Of A Slight Christmas
Season 2 Episode 15
Christmas Eve is almost spoiled when Bob is trapped in the office because of a power failure.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid
Season 1 Episode 14
Mary's elaborate holiday plans are cancelled when she learns she must work on Christmas Day.

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