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Random Acts Of Kindness

We have 2748 Random Acts Of Kindness So Far!

All of us at would like to ask a favor of our users. We would like each of you to do one or more Random Acts of Kindness this holiday season. After you've done your Random Act, we'd like you to come back here and share your experience with us! It can be a small act, like smiling at your grumpy neighbor or paying the toll for the next car behind you at the toll booth...or perhaps something bigger! We don't care, we just want to hear your stories and share them with our site users. And please don't be timid about sharing the smallest of kind's the little changes that make the world a better place!

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ID: 14964

4/29/2018 6:54:25 AM - some one - the earth

I held the dour

ID: 14963

1/26/2018 12:36:49 PM - Katie - North America

I shared my crayons with my brother when he needed to color.

ID: 14962

1/15/2018 2:25:22 PM - Reagy - Texas

I helped my grandmaw get through hard times

4/29/2018 6:55:42 AM - some one - the earth

that is so nice

ID: 14961

12/26/2017 6:37:35 PM. - Elissab25 - 823 north Jackson street nc /Salisubury

I was not at home for Christmas so we were at north mrytle beach and my brother’s birthday is today the day after Christmas it’s so cool .

ID: 14960

12/22/2017 10:12:37 AM - Monica - Smyrna Ga

Took a 92 year old neighbor to the dentist.
Got cookies off a high shelf for an old man on a scooter at the grocery.

ID: 14959

12/20/2017 6:39:06 AM - AB - Edinburgh, UK

Saw a homeless person sitting next to starbucks, and I gave him a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate

ID: 14958

12/19/2017 6:45:02 AM - niyah - flordia

i be kind to my mom

ID: 14956

12/17/2017 5:17:46 PM. - Joan - Meredith NH

I mailed out 60 Christmas Cards to Hearten our Love Ones in Prison. So they know their not forgotten.

ID: 14955

12/17/2017 7:05:55 AM. - Jeanne - Pittsburgh Pa

A lady on freecycle asked for a guitar for her nine year old daughter as a Christmas gift as she couldn't afford one. I had a very special to me pink guitar that I hadn't played in years. It was collecting dust. I emailed the lady and she will now be giving that pink guitar to her nine year old daughter as a Christmas gift.

ID: 14954

12/15/2017 7:53:19 AM. - Daniel - 2012 Namon Ln becch island sc

I think every should come in peace because it fun to play and to enjoy the hoildays.

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