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Random Acts Of Kindness

We have 2615 Random Acts Of Kindness So Far!

All of us at would like to ask a favor of our users. We would like each of you to do one or more Random Acts of Kindness this holiday season. After you've done your Random Act, we'd like you to come back here and share your experience with us! It can be a small act, like smiling at your grumpy neighbor or paying the toll for the next car behind you at the toll booth...or perhaps something bigger! We don't care, we just want to hear your stories and share them with our site users. And please don't be timid about sharing the smallest of kind's the little changes that make the world a better place!

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ID: 12808

12/22/2014 7:33:20 AM. - Breana - McCeary County

I was outside on my porch when I saw that a 3 year old little girl was lost.I told her to come in.She came in and said she had no family and I took her in.

ID: 12807

12/22/2014 7:26:03 AM. - Breana - McCeary County

I have old toys I would like to give them to people who do not get toys.

ID: 12806

12/20/2014 7:06:09 PM - April - South Boston Va

I own a store selling used items. My items are not donated I purchase all. By the time overhead is paid I make less than minimum wage but love to help others. Had a lady blow a tire and with no spare we found and paid to replace it for her. While doing so I noticed her child's toes had worn holes through her shoes. I gave her some pretty new to her boots. So far this Christmas we have given away 2 dozen boots to needy individuals.

ID: 12805

12/20/2014 1:41:03 PM - Jan(Smiley) - Minot,ND

I was at the grocery store waiting in line behind an elderly lady, when she went to go pay for the little bit of groceries that she had her debt card didn't have enough on it so I paid for the balance. She was so thankful and the cashiers said that they had never seen anyone do that before. I not only made the ladies day but also gave a good lesson to the youngsters. It made my heart glad.

ID: 12804

12/20/2014 7:27:51 AM - Shayna - NC

I am in 6th grade Beta Club and need volunteer hours. I decided to bell ring for the salvation army. I rang for 2 hours and as I was ringing I noticed that not a lot of people were donating. My grandpa was there and said I collected plenty of money to get a few families Christmas dinner and presents. That made me feel really good! I hope this post inspires others to donate and volunteer. Merry Christmas!

ID: 12803

12/20/2014 5:37:38 AM. - Robbi - Colorado Springs, CO

There was a young couple standing by their car with a sign that said they were homeless and needed help.

They looked frozen and hungry so I bought them a couple of cheeseburgers and some fries.

Their faces just lit up when I pulled up and asked if they were hungry. They were so grateful! Made my day to pay it forward, but I couldn't help but cry and feel bad for them as I drove away.

ID: 12802

12/20/2014 5:16:56 AM. - Katie - Stamford

give your friend a Christmas present

ID: 12801

12/19/2014 4:44:52 AM. - Don - Dumas, Texas

When I was in line at Sonic I paid for the guys meal and drink that was line behind me. I asked the lady at the window to tell him it was paid for and to say Merry Christmas! Try it and watch the expression on peoples faces as they are being told.

12/19/2014 8:14:52 PM - Jessica - CA

I've really wanted to do that for someone! It's cool how you took action and did it from the heart

ID: 12800

12/18/2014 2:25:00 PM - Nancy - Phoenix, AZ

I gave $5.00 to a homeless man with a dog - who was just sitting on the cold pavement with his dog playing a guitar softly. He wasn't begging, just sitting there.

12/21/2014 3:25:50 PM - madeline - Easley, sc

So many times the only friend the homeless has is their pet and they worry about their pet. I know it ment alot.

ID: 12799

12/18/2014 11:46:26 AM - Jollin - foodtown/wisconsin/hungary

I gave canned food to a dog but she couldn't open the cans

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