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A Christmas Story Trivia

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What did Ralphie want for Christmas in the movie A Christmas Story?
"An official Red Ryder carbon action 200 shot Range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time."
In the movie A Christmas Story, what was Santa's response to Ralphie's request for a BB gun for Christmas?
"You'll shoot your eye out kid!"
What was Ralphie's little brother's name?
What special delivery arrived in a package marked "fra-gi-le" (fragile)?
A lamp shaped like a leg!
What was Ralphie's favorite radio show?
Little Orphan Annie!
Ralphie uses his special Little Orphan Annie decoder pin to reveal a secret message. The message was be sure to what?
Drink Your Ovaltine!
What grade was Ralphie given on his themed essay "What I Want For Christmas"?
What was the name of the bully that terrorizes Ralphie and his friends?
Scut Farcus!
Where did Randy hide when he was scared that Ralphie was going to be in big trouble when his father got home?
Under the sink!
What gift did Ralphie's mom give to his dad for Christmas?
A Bowling Ball!
What happened to the Parker family's Christmas turkey?
It was eaten by the neighbor's dogs!
What did the family eat instead of turkey for Christmas dinner?

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