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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 7305

10/24/2013 12:19:23 AM - Josiah Harrison - Tennessee

I usually find it hard to post in here, due to it seeming narcissistic. I just got it though, the posts in here encourage and inspire the bright lights of the world.

So here's what I do: Every day I make sure to compliment someone or acknowledge and thank them for the kind things they do, be it a stranger or one of my sisters. This raises their self confidence, and makes them feel appreciated, loved, and encouraged. Thus easing the strain it takes to keep their light on.

Keep shining everyone, with every act of kindness your light shines brighter, guiding people from the darkness.
God bless.

10/24/2013 6:57:06 AM - Randy - California

Josiah: You are absolutely right....the intent of this little Random Act of Kindness forum is not to show off, or brag about something you did...we've all got the big social media sites for that nonsense. You've hit the nail on the head: This is about encouraging and inspiring people to be their best.

I've always felt that each individual has the power to make the world a better place. I've read every one of the thousands of posts on here. Each little story is a moment where the world was made better because someone took a moment to make it happen.

I can honestly say that I'm a better person for reading and learning from these random acts, and I'm eternally grateful to all who have shared.

Randy G. (Random Acts Of Kindness Moderator)

11/23/2013 6:28:54 PM - anonymous;-) - canada

i have to agree i hope you inspiere us all

ID: 7304

10/22/2013 5:31:05 PM. - Sarah - Summer bay

i went over seas and i saw this little girl and she had no family or nothing like no toys and she looked me in the eyes and it had felt like she was saying can you take me home so i can have a family or can i have one of thos toys and i got so emotional and gave her one of my toys and she gave me a hug and said thanx

ID: 7303

10/21/2013 2:34:55 PM. - hannah - united states

my random act is to care for my horse whenever it feels sad or lonely

11/23/2013 6:29:53 PM - anonymous;-) - canada

awwwww so nice! i wish i had a horse;-)

ID: 7302

10/21/2013 2:07:41 PM. - Dayz - Canada

Whenever my dog is scared, I always hug him to help him feel better.

10/21/2013 2:36:55 PM. - hannah - united states

i said a different one but not like that but you should read mine but i still like yours

thanks hannah

11/7/2013 5:13:52 PM - Alice - LOS BANOS CA


ID: 7301

10/18/2013 8:08:26 AM. - isabelle - uk

i gave a boy in africa a iphone he was soo happy

10/22/2013 3:51:35 PM - april - batemans bay

why would you do that i mean why not a pair of shoes that would of been enough wouldnt it????

ID: 7300

10/17/2013 6:44:15 PM. - Scott - Bradford, PA

A few weeks ago. My friend and I went to a pizza shop on a saturday night. When we got there there was a older couple out with there hands full. well he dropped a 10 dollar bill. I pick it up and called to the gentleman that he drop a 10 dollar bill he said thanks for being honest but treat yourself to a drink. well when we got gone with our pizza I saw a family worried about money for the kids to get soda well I handed the family the 10 dollar bill. well when I went to pay for my dinner the manger said that was nice and your pizza and wings were on them.

10/18/2013 8:09:21 AM. - isabelle - uk

aww thanks nice

ID: 7299

10/14/2013 9:56:42 PM - Emily - Canada

I saw a $5 bill in a tree with a little note that said "I thank God every time I think of you". Made me smile just to see it!

ID: 7298

10/13/2013 7:58:39 AM. - Isobel - Kirkby

I started to change the bedding on my bed all by my self while my mum was busy

10/18/2013 8:09:57 AM. - isabelle - uk

How old are you if soo aww good for you XD

11/5/2013 9:04:53 AM - lucy - london

I think that is a good girl isobel

ID: 7297

10/8/2013 7:03:52 PM - Taylor - washinton

I helped at the health and rehab center. I read a book to a nice old lady and made bracelets for some of them. I also gave 3 old lady's some melted bead designs. I had fun making them and giving them.

ID: 7296

10/2/2013 3:22:25 PM. - justin hill - ivins utha

i allways help my neibo withe his lawn and weeds i love helping others this is the most best year of all.

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