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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 7293

9/24/2013 1:01:55 PM. - Saint Baby - Buena Park,Ca America

I HELP THE NURSES IN MY GROUP HOME WITH miricle.A CLIENT WITH autism who is like a baby. I READ TO HER.i give her coloring books, toys., and show her sesame street shows on my IPOD. i gave her sesame street dvds. I TRY TO TEACH HER HOW TO SAY THE SESAME STREET CHARTERS NAMES,AND HER ABCS.miricle has seizures just like me,and we watch each other I ALWAYS HELP HER,AND SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND,AND HER MOMMY IS MY BEST FRIEND TOO. SAINT BABY ALANA

11/23/2013 6:33:12 PM - anonymous;-) - canada

that was so nice of you. i have a disabled friend too named tara. the disabled are not our enemies they are our friends

ID: 7292

9/21/2013 8:04:53 AM - christmas come faster! - Georgia

well every Christmas eve we go to my grandpa and grandmas house and its so much fun! but there is always a part where we go where there are these trees and there is trash and stuff every once and a Christmas eve we see a man. I wish i could help him but i am not sure what to do. And t remind you its gets very cold over here sometimes, but when i get home on Christmas eve and every night i like to pray for him> Hopefully this Christmas i will be able to help!

ID: 7290

9/11/2013 8:01:31 AM. - Ann - Beaumont tex

I was at the grocery store and I could hear a woman talking very loud in the next isle and as I turned to go down that isle, I realized she was a person with some kind of mental illness and people were walking away from her but she was just trying to find some kind of coffee and was totally being ignored. I just decided that I would go over to see if I could help this poor woman find what she was looking for but as I approached her she began to walk straight towards me in a very aggressive manner; however I just asked her if I could be of any help and she finally said yes. I helped her find what she was looking for and we had a very small but loud conversation which some did not make any sense on her part but I just listened and she finally went on her way a happier person with her new found item. I realize there are a lot of people who have some sort of defiency (don't we all) and just needed a listening heart and kindness. We should never just ignore someone who is different from us thinking someone else will help them because in all actually someone won't. We were both happier for this experience. I did have two ladies come up to me later in the store and say thank you for doing something we should have done. You never know who is watching or listening.

9/21/2013 8:00:37 AM - summer - Georgia

that was very nice of you to do!

10/17/2013 6:50:48 PM - sarbear - Batemans bay

whe ni was little i went to see santa and i was so scared i was crying my mum and dad video taped it hahahaha

ID: 7289

9/9/2013 9:33:53 PM - Holly - Australia

A lady wanted to buy a bag of fruit but was one dollar short, when the fruit seller wasn't going to offer a discount I gave the lady my dollar. She was so thankful she offered me a labrador puppy as her dog had just had pups. I told her to have a Merry Christmas, it was thanks enough.

ID: 7288

9/1/2013 8:03:35 PM. - Kenna - Murrieta, California

I love Christmas almost more than ANYTHING EVER! It is my life! Even in the hot summertime! And i live in a place where there is no snow!!! :( But that doesnt bring my high and jolly Christmas wintery spirit down at all! :) Comment plz ;)

ID: 7287

9/1/2013 7:48:08 PM. - Kenna - Murrieta, California

Hiii, It was Christmas time, this was about 1 or 2 years ago. I was at a Christmas parade with my little brother and grandparents. This old lady and her 3 children were a little mad at me and my little brother because at the parade, we were in front of them on the sidewalk, so we got all the candy, not them. I felt a slight tap on my left shoulder. I turned around to hear the old lady's voice say to me. "Sweetheart, my grandkids have barley gotten any candy. Could you please move over a bit, dear?"
I responded back, "I am sorry, here:" and then I gave her some handfuls of MY candy :) She and her kids were then happy and walked away smiling and laughing. :) <3

ID: 7286

8/25/2013 12:15:12 PM - Chrissygoldstar - Oklahoma

A few days ago I was standing in line with this little boy who was trying to buy some food but didn't have enough money. He told the lady to just put some of it back but I stepped in and paid for the rest.

ID: 7283

8/8/2013 12:22:44 PM - Emily B - Ia. USA

I know that isnt a act of kindness that I did. But Xmas 2012 I was sick and gave me an extra gift. (I think. Also if you commet please wish me a happy birthday because my birthday is Aug. 30 and I am turning 8.) Goodbye!

8/10/2013 8:42:38 AM - Maddie - Ohio

Happy birthday!

8/19/2013 1:22:28 PM - atisha - united kingdom

have a great birthday act sick to get more pressensts

ID: 7282

8/8/2013 12:11:34 PM - Emily B - Ia. USA

I help my mom because she broke her wrist, and she has a plate.

8/8/2013 12:25:04 PM - Emma - Ia. USA

Tear! I am sad.

ID: 7280

7/11/2013 1:20:31 AM. - Isher - london

LOL it's kindness of random and funny.

7/15/2013 11:24:06 AM - Jasmine - Canada

It is very funny!:)

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