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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 673

12/9/2009 12:58:48 PM. - jana - uk

i gace the person that i hate a xmas card they were really surprised.

12/11/2009 4:23:13 PM. - Debbie - Nashua, NH

Hi Jana, It was very kind of you to send that person a Christmas card. Sometimes acts of kindness can improve a relationship. I don't know why you "hate" this person but who knows, with that one act, you could become friends. I have known some really cranky people in my life that most people wouldn't even bother with but I find it a challenge to be as nice as I can be to them and before you know it that person is very nice to me. I have won them over if you will. Good for you, Jana and have a wonderful Christmas.

ID: 672

12/9/2009 12:49:20 PM. - Kim - Canandaigua NY

On my way into work in the mornings, or on my way to go Christmas shopping, instead of picking up just a coffee for myself, I pick up a few black coffees with cream and sugar on the side and then bring it to the toll booth workers as I get on the Thruway!!! Brrrr it is so cold up here in NY, I don't know how they do it sometimes!

12/9/2009 8:54:09 PM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


11/28/2011 11:49:23 PM. - winnie - new zealand

yo are a saint good on you mate just really caring for other people and i bet your coffee went down a treat good on you blessings

ID: 671

12/9/2009 10:47:55 AM. - Shelly - Mississippi

I drop my children off at school everyday and there is a teacher who is always there, day after day, directing the traffic. He is also the PE teacher and my children love him. I gave him a SONIC gift card this morning and told him thanks for always being there. He was so surprised.

12/9/2009 8:53:39 PM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Way cool! I like it!

11/19/2010 6:48:00 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

your kind of cool shelly

ID: 669

12/9/2009 10:39:44 AM. - Courtney - Scotland

Fill the streets with kidness peace and love gifts will come and you will be doing a good deed to everyone and everthing so be good and the world will be a lot more nicer.

12/9/2009 8:53:07 PM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I agree!

ID: 668

12/9/2009 10:35:58 AM. - SHAE - oc utah

i think that someof these people on here did really good things, some were pretty generic but still ok. i was down town and i saw a little girl with her mom taking a bus with way to many bags to be walking with. i stopped and asked if the needed a ride and the mom hesitantley accepted. it was a short drive but long enough to learn they had fallen on some hard times, gas shut off, and daughter without a proper winter coat, i gave the daughter, maria, my daughters coat and dropped them off. when i got home, i called the gas company and paid the over due bill for their address, will not say how much it wasnt importnant but this family would not have been able to turn it on by the time the snow got really bad. god bless america!!

12/9/2009 8:52:45 PM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Shae, you truly made the world a better place!

12/11/2009 4:28:23 PM. - Debbie - Nashua, NH

Shae, God has blessed you with a wonderful heart. If everyone could just be as caring and thoughtful, the world could be a much better place. I don't think people are basically bad, I just think a lot of people are oblivious to the world around them and unfortunately they are also afraid to get involved with strangers. So sad. Anyway, thank you for being a great person. Merry Christmas!

11/19/2010 6:51:26 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

shae thats nice

ID: 667

12/9/2009 9:45:32 AM - JACK - FRANKLIN< TN


12/9/2009 10:00:25 AM - punky - MN

HAHAHAHAHAH FUNNY!!!! I DO THAT 2:) good job:)))))

11/19/2010 6:45:19 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

thats nice

10/10/2011 1:50:45 PM - liliana jones - maryland

i live nextdoor to nattie and were way best friends. bffs forever. i like what you did that was so kind.

ID: 666

12/9/2009 9:15:06 AM - karol - Fort Smith, Ark. U.S.A.

I am a teacher and another teacher is pregnant and I am taking her Cafeteria Duty...

12/9/2009 3:40:07 PM. - karla - edingburg,texas

i helped my teacher with her copies because i wanted to and it was heavy well i don't like to complain but okay bye merry christmas you guys bye

11/19/2010 6:52:15 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

your nice

11/28/2011 11:51:19 PM. - winnie - new zealand

the teacher help teacher thing is the best thing god bless you too

ID: 665

12/9/2009 8:48:13 AM. - Lil - Montgomery, Alabama

I donate to the "Toys for Tots" and also funding to the Salvation Army to help feed the homeless.

12/9/2009 9:04:02 AM - bails - barrie


12/9/2009 10:01:25 AM - punky - MN

good job:) that must make u feel really good:))))))))))*******************************************************************

12/9/2009 3:42:12 PM. - karla - edingburg,texas

that is so sweet of you

11/19/2010 6:53:47 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

you raely like to share you should always do that

ID: 664

12/9/2009 6:55:44 AM. - Ada - sibiu,romania

I will be very kind with everyone,expacially with my little brother!hope that santa will be pround of me!:)

12/9/2009 9:51:58 AM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I'm sure Santa will!

12/9/2009 5:52:12 PM - punky - MN

hahaha SANTA will b really HAPPY:)))))))))))

11/19/2010 6:46:39 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

yes he wil how can he not

11/28/2011 11:55:00 PM. - winnie - new zealand

ada god will be proud of you i am proud of you all random acts of kindness is the best thing eva so bless everyone that thinks of random acts of kindness to people , animals anything and any one and what about wishing whoever put random acts of kindness on the internet why not wish them a merry xmas to and randomly thank them so thankyou toall of you too winnie

ID: 663

12/9/2009 6:16:51 AM - Linda - Texas

I pay for the car behind me in the Taco Bell line.

12/9/2009 6:18:31 AM - punky - MN

good 4 U:)!!!!!!!!!!

12/13/2009 11:17:43 AM - person :) - canada

the little things that surprise people and make them smile

11/19/2010 6:55:05 PM. - jessica - Desert Hot Springs

realy I think that was me

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