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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 271

11/20/2009 5:49:49 PM - passion - whitesburg/kentucky

BE GOOD or els thanx hohohoho merry CHRISTMAS/Xmas

11/21/2009 5:07:30 AM - charlotte - united kindom

i love christmas christmas

12/23/2009 3:19:37 PM - Angel - poulsbo WA

me too its alot of fun espacily when you have family to spend it with

ID: 270

11/20/2009 5:03:37 PM - idk - not telling

you should love ur friend as ur self and be nice to people if they r not nice to u!! BE NICE COME ON IT IS CHRITMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/23/2009 3:20:59 PM - Angel - poulsbo WA

i agree its like alot of people have lost there christmas spirit so there rude and mean i mean come on people it christmas be happy and cheerfull not sad a glomey

ID: 269

11/20/2009 3:23:42 PM. - winnie - wanganui new zealand

giving from the heart is the best gift i know i make all my cards and noone misses out even friends and the elderly who havent antone at xmas and other times in the year i let the kids come and make there at my place so we keep the sharing and the lovin goin round we are all special. winnie lots of hugs,

11/23/2009 8:11:24 AM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Nice Winnie! I had never heard of Wanganui, so I checked it out on google maps....a beautiful little city! Keep up the good work making New Zealand a better place!

ID: 268

11/20/2009 2:47:05 PM - Emmy - Stroud, OK

Our dance team held a bake sale and a lot of people had no money to buy anything with. So, I walked around and asked people what they wanted and gave them money. Everybody got something to have, and our dance team raised a lot of money. Everyone was really pleased with the fact that they got an oppurtunity to have something from the bake sale.

ID: 267

11/20/2009 1:43:38 PM - Chris - Dublin Ireland

Our youth club 12-18 year old are giving back this year by not only making the decoration but putting on a day for the younger ones and busy collecting food for the Charity St Vincent De Paul

ID: 265

11/20/2009 1:35:56 PM - Mark - Calgary/ Canada

I've given away probably about 1 1/2 thousand dollars to strangers this year if I thought they needed it with only one request, that they pass it forward if and when they were ever in a position to do so. I've actually given away money I can't afford at times. I think food is good so I like to see people eat.

5/9/2010 9:54:10 AM - Sarah - Carnation,Washington


ID: 264

11/20/2009 12:40:52 PM - Martha - united states

Be nice treat others the way you want to be treated, be good, listen to your parens because the know more that you and they try to protect you, respect, dont say bad words,dont do anything bad, care about our world, share good things to others and tell them not to do bad things or else there will be concequences, be good yourself, help others.i know im not writing things of kinnes but this are the nice things i would like to see around the world and these are the kin things i do to.peace in this world and merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/20/2009 12:46:09 PM - hi - minnesots

very nice im going to start doing this things to!!!!!!!!!!!!!Merry chritmas to you to....

ID: 263

11/19/2009 8:51:49 PM - liltelsis - alaska

helping my teacher when she needs help

11/22/2009 9:01:47 AM - T.J. - Boston

good job keep up the good the good work liltelsis

ID: 262

11/19/2009 5:58:23 PM. - Josilene - Turlock,CA

I help and sometimes give or/and share.

11/19/2009 9:55:29 PM - Randy - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

That's nice Josilene!

11/24/2009 10:54:50 AM - LEXI - SACRAMENTO CA


ID: 261

11/19/2009 4:13:35 PM - Brittany - Glade Springs VA

I helped move an elderly lady into her house and she tried paying me for it. I told her that god has people like us to help her and that it wasnt about money.

11/21/2009 12:59:07 AM - Peri - Vanuatu

May God bless you Brittany for loving the elderly, keep it up!

11/21/2009 5:14:18 AM - shira baby - Nigerian [plateau state]

i help a guy who was seriously sick

11/22/2009 8:58:18 AM - T.J. - Boston

that was very nice of you Shira baby

11/24/2009 10:56:11 AM - LEXI - SACRAMENTO CA


5/9/2010 9:56:13 AM - Sarah - Carnation,Washington

that is so true after all "money" is just papery fabric with ink and credit cards are only plastic, so you are so right!!!!

Random Acts Of Kindness Home Page
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