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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 1415

11/26/2010 9:34:35 AM. - Tia - Turnor Lake ,Sk Canada

Im 12 yrs old and i helped my 6 yr old brother learn the true meaning of christmas and to respect other-s

11/27/2010 7:49:14 AM - Haley - Woonsocket

Nice work!!!

11/27/2010 11:08:56 AM - Coley-pop - Vancouver wa

i just want to tell you thats not a random act of kindness
telling him was just a regular act of kindness its realy
sweet you helped him if i could meet you i bet id be in love with your kindness,i am also 12 years old

11/27/2010 4:59:07 PM - loke - usa


12/2/2011 6:15:41 AM - puddin - los angeles,ca


ID: 1414

11/26/2010 8:13:46 AM - auddi - 06076

I bought a coffee for the woman behind me in the drive thru just because I could, I took the cart from a women in the parking lot who was done with it as she had a young child in the car.
I try to live life with a smile as smiles are contagious.
I teach my children to help others, and donate their time.
My boys rake leaves for the elderly for free.

11/26/2010 12:05:51 PM - timmy - RI

That was such a nice thing to do! I wish everybody did that kind of thing every day! Merry Christmas!

11/27/2010 4:34:13 PM - Ashley - VT

God bless you, Auddi! I hope i grow up to be just like you! Thank you! You have the real Christmas spirit! Happy Holidays!

11/27/2010 5:01:48 PM - lokey - usa


11/28/2010 2:50:52 AM - kayla - ST. Cloud MN

My mom just past away on dec,23,2009,,,, how do I make the holidays better with A 4 year old gaughter

10/12/2011 1:51:31 PM. - Lexi - Montana

you know, that is the best helping idea i have ever heard of. I think you are doing a great job at raising your kids! Keep Up the good work! :) You are a very nice person. That takes some courage to do. So, you should be proud of yourself.
Have A Wonderful Day!
God Bless!

ID: 1413

11/26/2010 6:59:45 AM - Quinn - U.S.A

I donated food to the food drive at schol

11/27/2010 7:49:56 AM - Haley - Woonsocket


ID: 1412

11/26/2010 5:07:38 AM - luc - USA

served thanksgiving meals to those less fortunate,

ID: 1410

11/24/2010 7:04:52 PM - Destiny - CT

I help set up the dining room table for dinner every night, and empty the dishwasher. This thanksgiving i'm going to help my family cook. That's how i show kindness.

11/26/2010 4:42:11 PM - cameal - douglass ga.

i love what it says.

ID: 1409

11/24/2010 5:06:29 PM - Courtneyy - Siler City Northcarolina USA

For Thanksgiving im spending my whole day serving food for homeless people. I'm Also giving Turkeys and can foods to people who aint as wealthy as i am, plus i worked for the money my self and for christmas im going to donate bikes and all different kinds of presents to a childrens hospital :)
Im 14 (: and a freshman and people say i care 2 much. I dnt think so :)

11/24/2010 7:07:15 PM - Destiny - CT

That's really nice of you!! That's really great doing that for thanksgiving.

11/26/2010 8:57:06 AM - Teresa - South Carolina

That is soooooo thoughtful. You dont care too much, you just are generous of your time. That is a good thing!!!!! :)

11/27/2010 7:01:05 AM - gwyneth - london


11/28/2010 6:07:03 PM - Mom of 2 - in ohio

That is so nice of you!! :)

10/12/2011 1:53:09 PM. - Lexi - Montana

Thats so nice of you! You should be proud of yourself!
God Bless.

ID: 1404

11/23/2010 10:00:11 AM. - popzo - newcastle

i seen my friend fall over i tried not to lagh. but i helped her

ID: 1401

11/22/2010 8:09:44 PM - kk - tx

I always help my church every christmas !!!!! And also at thanksgiving we fix food and give it to the people who need and it !!! And its really nice when you help people and they have smiling faces (;

ID: 1400

11/22/2010 6:07:34 PM - gaby - el paso tx

i've been there for people when they needed me

ID: 1399

11/22/2010 2:52:28 PM. - Dali - california

i helped out in my church, gave my favorite pearl neclace to my niece, and opened the doors for strangers whether there hands were full or not, with a nice smile. it was nice to hear people tell me thank you. =]

11/22/2010 6:24:30 PM - cassie - waterloo, canada

I am 12 i helped my brother and sister and opened doors for people who needed help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/25/2010 9:50:17 AM - hayhaybob - texas

i love hearing about things that other people do to be nice especillay on thanksgiving it gives me a lot of things to say thank you for!

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