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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 13915

12/7/2016 6:24:46 PM - anonymus - usa

My mom is a teacher, and her job can be very stressful at times. SO, at the end of the day some kids wait and say thank you.I know its small,but t actually makes her day to know that she is appreciated after all the hard work she does. Educators are definitely unappreciated. They take hours out of their day to plan lessons,grade, and try to make students and fellow teachers day great. I pray that you will be inspired and appreciate everyone who deserves it!

12/12/2016 4:31:48 PM. - Tatum - Cushing oklahoma

i think that is better than mine !!!!

ID: 13914

12/7/2016 6:20:29 PM - anonymus - usa

My friends and I read this book in our guided reading group about kids our age helping others. We got inspired so we decided to help others too. So what did we do? We took time out of our school day and started a animal shelter drive.We met with the principle,made flyers, presented in front of students and more!It was a success and we collected hundreds of items. I pray that you will be inspired to help others, no matter how old you are!

ID: 13913

12/6/2016 7:39:00 AM - Meema - Pittsfield, MA

I was in Pier One Imports buying a really cute mug. At the check out a teen aged girl saw the mug and just loved it so much. Her face just lite up! Her and her mom were buying a vase and being very careful that it was just the right one. They checked out and left. I quickly had the clerk ring up my mug as my friend ran into the parking lot to stop the girl and her mom. I ran outside and gave her the mug. She cried and hugged me, this meant so much to her on that day. You see, her mom told me they were getting a vase for flowers that would be on the table at their Christmas dinner. The flowers were in remembrance of the young girls uncle who and had passed recently. Her mom said the mug brightened a sad day for the girl. You just never know what someone is going through and you never know the impact you may have just by being kind.

12/6/2016 9:04:21 AM - Randy G. - Orange County, CA

Great story made the world a better place that day!

ID: 13912

12/2/2016 10:24:48 AM. - Margaret - New York

On Monday as I was pulling into the parking lot at work, I saw a man walking around the parking lot looking down as if he were searching for something. I've seen this man before lugging his comforter and clothing around in a large bag and sleeping on the church grounds and the school grounds on many a nights. This particular morning, my heart told me that he was searching for money on the ground perhaps to buy breakfast. So, I got back into my car went to the nearest Subways bought a sandwich and a bottle of water and returned to give it to him. By the time I made it back, he was gone. I drove around a few minutes to see if I spotted him but he was no where to be found. I then called my son and asked my son to find him since I needed to get to work. Unfortunately, we never did find him and haven't seen him since. I pray that he is somewhere safe, warm and that wherever he is, he is being fed.

ID: 13911

12/1/2016 2:57:47 PM - vivian - huntsville

i helped my freind get in the spirit

12/12/2016 4:30:24 PM. - Tatum - Cushing oklahoma

i think that is good

ID: 13910

11/29/2016 10:17:51 PM - Tom - Des Moines, Iowa

I was at a tailor shop in south Des Moines recently. I saw a notice that the shop was going to close for a month. I asked the wife if they were going on vacation. She told me they (wife & husband) were going on a Mission Trip to Thailand. I gave the wife $50. I had not noticed that someone else had come in the store. He also gave the couple money for their trip. So nice to see one act prompt another act. We are all connected.

11/30/2016 6:34:29 AM - XmasFun Webmaster (Randy) - California

Tom, you just hit upon the entire point of this web page! We are all connected and simple acts of kindness (even just a smile) can ripple through the world. Thanks you for the post and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

ID: 13909

11/29/2016 11:17:17 AM. - Stephanie G - Memphis, TN

On Veterans Day, Students created Veterans day cards for those who served. We were able to give Veteran Day Cards for over 60 veterans. Students were so helpful and are looking for other opportunities to help individuals.

12/12/2016 4:32:40 PM. - Tatum - Cushing oklahoma

i want to do that

ID: 13908

11/26/2016 3:07:54 PM - Samyah - Stoughton, Massachusetts

When I was at school, I saw my friend Elisabeth carrying a lot of books in her hands. I saw someone running so fast that Elisabeth's books were knocked out of her hands. I went over and helped her pick up her books.

11/28/2016 7:54:40 PM - Denilson - Houston tx

Hey guys only 27 days until Christmas

12/11/2016 7:44:19 PM - dave - new lexington,ohio

i was in a coffee shop and saw two elderly people sitting in silence.i got my coffee and set down at the table next to them.we got to talking and found out i went to school with their son 40 years before.i bought their lunch and we talked till i had to leave.they told me it was like having their son there.

ID: 13907

11/20/2016 8:25:26 AM - nat - kentucky

i gave all the stuffed animals that i didn't need/want anymore (witch was about 50) and gave it to a homeless shelter-im 13 years old :)

ID: 13906

11/5/2016 2:22:03 PM. - Claire - U.S.

I was at school when I saw this one boy who T though t was cute but and he thought I was cute but I didn't know that at the time. Anyway he looked sad so I asked him what was wrong(he didn't know me at the time nor did I know him but I knew that he was in one of my classes). He said that he had gotten into some trouble with some friends but that he did not care, so I said that I was sorry and that he should use his head next time. Well I followed him on Instagram and he "DM"ed me and I told him that I liked him. The next day one of him and mine guy friends found out that I liked him and the guyfriend told me to ask him out. (The guy that I liked was right behind me a the guy friend was sitting beside the gut that I liked so he had heard my guy friend say this.) I ask the guy out and he said "I don't know will you go out with me?" then I said "Yea duhhhhhhhhhh" and now we have been going out for two months!!!!!!!! Also, com e to find out he's liked me sinced the 3ed grade.

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