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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 14963

1/26/2018 12:36:49 PM - Katie - North America

I shared my crayons with my brother when he needed to color.

ID: 14962

1/15/2018 2:25:22 PM - Reagy - Texas

I helped my grandmaw get through hard times

ID: 14961

12/26/2017 6:37:35 PM. - Elissab25 - 823 north Jackson street nc /Salisubury

I was not at home for Christmas so we were at north mrytle beach and my brother’s birthday is today the day after Christmas it’s so cool .

ID: 14960

12/22/2017 10:12:37 AM - Monica - Smyrna Ga

Took a 92 year old neighbor to the dentist.
Got cookies off a high shelf for an old man on a scooter at the grocery.

ID: 14959

12/20/2017 6:39:06 AM - AB - Edinburgh, UK

Saw a homeless person sitting next to starbucks, and I gave him a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate

ID: 14958

12/19/2017 6:45:02 AM - niyah - flordia

i be kind to my mom

ID: 14956

12/17/2017 5:17:46 PM. - Joan - Meredith NH

I mailed out 60 Christmas Cards to Hearten our Love Ones in Prison. So they know their not forgotten.

ID: 14955

12/17/2017 7:05:55 AM. - Jeanne - Pittsburgh Pa

A lady on freecycle asked for a guitar for her nine year old daughter as a Christmas gift as she couldn't afford one. I had a very special to me pink guitar that I hadn't played in years. It was collecting dust. I emailed the lady and she will now be giving that pink guitar to her nine year old daughter as a Christmas gift.

ID: 14954

12/15/2017 7:53:19 AM. - Daniel - 2012 Namon Ln becch island sc

I think every should come in peace because it fun to play and to enjoy the hoildays.

ID: 14953

12/15/2017 5:13:28 AM - Cornfritter856 - New Jersey

I helped a big kid read comments on youtube cause he didnt know how to

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