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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 12834

9/24/2015 8:53:31 AM - May may - Usa

I handed out candy canes to random kids and I shoveled my neighbors driveways.

ID: 12830

8/25/2015 2:33:33 AM - Love angel - india

i took a poor woman out to lunch .. :)

ID: 12829

7/8/2015 11:11:06 AM - Shannon - NC

Me and my church went to our local Food Bank and spent hours working in the warehouse and sorting through good and bad eggs. I hope that this made a bunch of people feel better! I know I felt warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about how it will help others!

ID: 12828

6/4/2015 9:50:59 AM. - Ron - Ireland

I spent a lot of money on a drone and because I was busy writing a book at the time and did not wish to be distracted I gave it to a friend.

ID: 12824

12/29/2014 8:28:35 AM - hope - signal mnt tn

i helped pass out flowers for christmas free.

ID: 12823

12/27/2014 5:27:47 PM - veronica - miami

i helped with a toy drive when i thought about children who's parents can't afford toys for them.

ID: 12822

12/25/2014 4:27:32 PM. - Lynne - Fresno, CA, USA

Someone I work with had asked for Christmas off, since this was her year with her son, but was not given it. Since this was my sons year with my ex-husband, I told her I would work for her so she could spend Christmas with her son.

12/27/2014 10:26:55 AM - Sugar - Richmond tx usa

That was so sweet of you to do that

12/27/2014 11:36:57 AM - Emy - California

That's Lovely! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

12/27/2014 3:57:06 PM. - Lynne - Fresno, CA USA

Well, it was kind of a mixed bag for me. Part of why I was working was because I just didn't want to talk about Christmas. My father passed 2 months ago, and every time I thought about Christmas without him I'd start crying. So work helped me keep my mind off it. But I was taking tech support phone calls, so the customer would always wish me a merry Christmas as they were hanging up, which started me crying...

1/1/2015 3:35:54 PM. - Lise - ftw tx

paid 2 different times for someone else starbucks drink doesn't seem that much but it sure is fun looking at peoples smiles.

ID: 12821

12/24/2014 3:48:55 PM - Lauren - UK

I gave up my past couple of Saturday's to helping disabled children doing Christmas activities.

12/27/2014 10:27:43 AM - Sugar - Richmond tx usa

Thanks for your help

12/27/2014 11:37:41 AM - Emy - California

How thoughtful and caring! Merry Christmas!

ID: 12820

12/24/2014 1:38:24 PM - Big mac - North Carolina

I help a old lady read a price tag

12/27/2014 11:38:21 AM - Emy - California

That was kind!

ID: 12819

12/24/2014 12:27:18 PM. - Shorty - USA

I helped clean the house today for Christmas tomorrow even though I didn't have to.

12/27/2014 10:28:29 AM - Sugar - Richmond tx usa

Doing stuff before told is great

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