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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 13904

10/21/2016 8:47:00 AM - Evania - My Happy Place

Last summer I was having dinner at a restaurant with some family. About five minutes after we had left, our server found me and returned the money I didn't even realize I had dropped! I was so surprised and thankful.

ID: 13903

10/16/2016 4:55:48 PM - funTimesChristmas - US

we put on a Christmas play for our entire family.
Helped out with a food/clothing drive

ID: 13902

9/24/2016 5:56:45 AM - Reese - UK

I put my sister's ear drops in for her

ID: 13901

9/21/2016 10:41:21 AM - Braze - Philippines

Yesterday I made my cousin's homework :D

ID: 13900

9/11/2016 8:56:44 PM - tdog - thatcher az

i made my sisters bed

ID: 13899

8/21/2016 11:25:50 AM. - Marie - Fairview, Pennsylvania

I was walking in the parking lot of the dollar store and I saw an old lady pushing a big cart with a lot of items in it so I went over to her and helped her load her items in her car and then took the cart back for her. She even gave me a hug :)

ID: 13898

1/3/2016 4:01:47 AM. - Avi - Cullman,Alabama

One time, my family was walking out of church.It was raining outside,and my sister didn't have a jacket on, but I did, so I gave her my jacket.??

ID: 13897

12/27/2015 4:14:56 AM. - Donna - Warriors Mark, PA

A man was at the check-out in a local grocery store and was looking for money in his wallet to pay for the bill. I asked the cashier if I could pay instead. He turned to the customer and asked if that would be okay. He was speechless. When he did find the words, the act was done. It wasn't a lot of money but he smiled and shared the most genuine "thank you" I've ever heard. I am not sure who received the greater gift that day...the man or myself. "You are too kind..." he shared leaving the store.

ID: 13895

12/24/2015 7:00:02 AM. - Emma G - Maine

I was buying a present for my dog (it was a stuffed animal fish). It was $11 of my own money. The land that was checking me out was really nice and really into Christmas spirt. So I acted friendly also. She said that I was a really sweet girl and said that I could have 5% off. It was now only $9. This isn't a act of kindness I did but I want to share it so maybe someone will do something like that.

1/3/2016 3:55:34 AM. - Avi - Cullman,Alabama

I think your post is something that I would do.???

ID: 13894

12/24/2015 6:55:11 AM. - Emma G - Maine

My random act of kindness is making a nice paragraph for everyone in my family and putting it into a card. Thats 5 paragraphs including my pets so it 8 paragraphs. I know my family will really appreciate it. I know it doesn't matter about how many paragraphs. Its the thought that counts.

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