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Random Acts Of Kindness

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ID: 12801

12/19/2014 4:44:52 AM. - Don - Dumas, Texas

When I was in line at Sonic I paid for the guys meal and drink that was line behind me. I asked the lady at the window to tell him it was paid for and to say Merry Christmas! Try it and watch the expression on peoples faces as they are being told.

12/19/2014 8:14:52 PM - Jessica - CA

I've really wanted to do that for someone! It's cool how you took action and did it from the heart

ID: 12800

12/18/2014 2:25:00 PM - Nancy - Phoenix, AZ

I gave $5.00 to a homeless man with a dog - who was just sitting on the cold pavement with his dog playing a guitar softly. He wasn't begging, just sitting there.

ID: 12799

12/18/2014 11:46:26 AM - Jollin - foodtown/wisconsin/hungary

I gave canned food to a dog but she couldn't open the cans

ID: 12798

12/18/2014 9:19:14 AM. - Dawn - Edmonds, Washington

I was standing in line at a Christmas store with my purchase. The man in front of me was buying decorations with his daughters. Since it was his 1st Christmas as a divorced Dad, he let them buy whatever they wanted. He was concerned that he was racking up the national debt. I gave him my 20% off coupon and it saved him over $150.00. He and his girls were very thankful.

ID: 12797

12/17/2014 6:26:53 PM. - Joahn - Truckee,Ca Usa

I am 13 year old and payed 13 people in line Starbucks.

ID: 12795

12/17/2014 2:36:43 AM - Sam - Glasgow

I a a 12 year old boy and I gave money to charity. Merry Christmas everyone!! ;D

ID: 12791

12/16/2014 7:37:17 AM - Katie - Whitby ONTARIO CANADA

got to work one morning , The overnight nursing staff cars were full of snow so I proceeded to brush off the snow so when they came out from the night shift they could just get in their cars and drive home. as well as my husband and 3 kids buy enough food and turkeys for 3 famalies to have a turkey dinner , everybody deserves to have Turkey on Christmas day .

ID: 12790

12/16/2014 5:41:14 AM - Amy - Wyoming

Someone was walking down the street all beat up and they looked very sad. I walked up to them and she said she was in 6th grade but she was suspended. "My parents said I was no use, so they threw me out," she said. "My name is Olivia can you help me?" I told my parents, they cleaned her up, fed her, and also decided she would be my new sister. I was so happy to finally have a sister. I'M NOT AN ONLY CHILD ANYMORE!

12/16/2014 7:39:17 AM - Katie - Whitby ONTARIO CANADA

I think that is awsome I have 3 brothers and its the best thing to have siblings

12/19/2014 4:30:28 AM. - Chloe - Maine

I am an only child.

ID: 12789

12/16/2014 5:35:55 AM - dr.who - mount pearl

I helped my sister get ready for school last week.

ID: 12788

12/16/2014 5:33:12 AM - Sara - USA

1. I held the door open for all of my friends
2. Someone fell down at recess and I helped them get up
3. I helped my sister with her homework

12/16/2014 7:00:06 PM - Hannah - Los Angeles

That is cool, I wish that I went to public school like you do. I'm homeschooled:-\

12/19/2014 4:29:03 AM. - Chloe - Maine

I think that's awesome.

12/19/2014 4:41:04 PM - DOCTOR WHO - NEW YORK


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