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Frosty The Snowman TV Show Trivia
These questions are based upon the Frosty The Snowman Christmas television special.

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What action causes Frosty to come to life?
Placing an old hat upon his head.
Upon coming to life, what were Frosty's first words?
"Happy Birthday!"
In an effort to keep from melting, where did Frosty travel to?
The North Pole
What was the old hat that Frosty wore made out of?
Who was the original owner of Frosty's magic hat?
Professor Hinkle
What did the traffic cop accidently swallow when he yelled "STOP!"?
His whistle
How did Frosty travel to the North Pole?
He traveled by train in a refrigerated boxcar
Frosty's pipe was made from what?
A corn cob
What was Professor Hinkle's profession?
He was a magician
What was Professor Hinkle's rabbit's name?
Hocus Pocus
Throughout the show, a little girl helps Frosty. What is her name?
How much was a train ticket to the North Pole?
$3,000.04 - "by way of Saskatchewan, Nome Alaska and Aurora Borealis"
Frosty was made of a special kind of snow that never disappears. What kind of snow was it?
Christmas Snow!
What were Frosty's last words at the end of the show?
"I'll be back again someday!"

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