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Christmas TV Show And Movie Trivia

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In The Polar Express movie, what is "The First Gift of Christmas?"
A bell from Santa's sleigh!
In The Polar Express movie, what word does the conductor punch into the ticket of "the young man with all the questions"?
In The Polar Express movie, what sort of "liquid refreshment" is dispensed to the children during their trip?
Hot Chocolate!
What is the name of the rabbit in the magic hat in Frosty the Snowman?
Hocus Pocus!
What was the little girl in Frosty the Snowman's name?
In Frosty the Snowman, what was the name of the magician with the "Magic Hat"?
Professor Hinkle!
How much did Lucy charge for a psyciatric session in the classic Christmas TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas?
Five cents please!
What was "the most likely" reason that The Grinch hated Christmas?
His heart was two sizes too small!
Who narrated the original 1966 TV show How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Boris Karloff!
What was Dr. Seuss' real name?
Theodor Geisel!
In the Christmas Classic, It's A Wonderful Life, what happened every time a bell rang?
An Angel Got His Wings!

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