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Christmas Trifle 2
Santa Cooking

Contributed By: Amy Bowman

Here's my recipe for a really easy christmas trifle, great for breakfast or dessert!


1 plain sponge cake or trifle sponge
1 pkt red jelly crystals
1 pkt green jelly crystals
1L carton custard
1 tin chunky fruit salad (optional)
1 bottle port/brandy/red wine


Make the jelly the night before.
Cut the cake into rough cubes, and cover the bottom of a large bowl. You can either soak them in the alcohol beforehand, or drizzle it over later, depending how strong you want it. Throw in some jelly, custard, and fruit. Make 2-3 layers like this, then cover the top with custard. If you like, garnish with Glace

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